Sunday, January 27, 2013

Revell Stacey David Rat Roaster in the Box Review

Man it has been a while since I did a post here. Kinda funny how life gets in your way sometimes. I haven't worked on a model in what seems like years. I'm all moved into my new place and decided to get back to the bench. I figured I would ease back into it with the new Revell Stacey David Rat Roaster kit. Here is a quick in the box review of it.

 Once again Revell has come through with a new kit in the Rat Roaster. All the online buzz around the kit can’t help but be noticed. Most of the buzz though is people complaining about how the kit doesn’t come with this or that, or we have to buy another get to get the missing parts. I have news for you; this kit was meant to be used to build a replica of the 1:1 car. Sure you can use it for parts with some of your other Revell deuces, but more on that later, let’s get started with what’s in the box.
            Upon opening the box you would think that this is just a modified reissue of the earlier Revell 32’s, this is true in a sense. Some of the parts are modified, and others are all new tooling. Long gone is the Ford 302 with the AOD transmission, in its place now is a blown small block Chevy with a TKO 5 speed manual transmission. The chassis itself is now modified and has cut outs in the frame rails for the exhaust to come out from underneath and mount to the over the rails headers. The front and rear suspension are carry overs from the previous releases of the 32, sorry no beam axle and your still stuck with airbag rear suspension.
            From the suspension we now move on to the wheels and tires. Gone from this issue is the big and little tires and American Racing Torque Thrust II’s that we have all grown to love (yeah right, I have enough in my parts box to last a life time!), these have been replaced with “Firestone” cheater slicks in the rear and “Firestone” dirt track tires in the front. What good is rubber if you don’t have anything to wrap them around? To replace the Torque Thrusts Revell tooled up a set of 15x10 Dragmasters for the rear and 15x5 Dragmasters for the front. I see this wheel and tire combo ending up on a few different projects around the bench.
            New to this round of 32’s is an almost stock firewall (something us traditional hot rod builders have been wanting for a while). While at first look it seems that the firewall will swap from deuce to deuce, it can, but you will need to modify either the firewall or the opening in your other body (the opening on this roadster is a lot larger than say the 5 and 3 window, I don’t have any previous issue roadster to compare it to). The body itself has been modified to hug the fuel tank. Instead of full fender or high boy options, you get bobbed rear fenders and cycle fenders in the front. The hood has molded Buick Portholes with chrome inserts, there are no hood sides included. The body itself is still missing the door hinges (something that has bugged me since the original issue of the roadster kits). The radiator has been modified and now has the electric fan blades molded to it, but the shroud is a separate item. The grill now comes molded with a crank hole in it (another thing us traditional guys have wanted).
            Let me see now, this brings us to the interior. This go around we get bomber seats and diamond tucked panels. I’m not too sure if this interior will swap over to the other 32’s of the line or not. The dash is of the traditional type, no ac vents or stereo stuff to clutter it. Most of the diamond tuck is decals if you chose to take the easy way out (I still like to paint them)
            All in all I truly believe that this kit will be mostly used as a parts kit for other builds, myself on the other hand plans to build (as close to the box contents let me) a replica of the  real Rat Roaster. Stay tuned in the future for my actual build up review of this kit.

Until then, keep on building.